What we do

The Queensland Centre for Population Research (QCPR) undertakes pure and applied research and provides education and training in demography and population geography. The work of the centre focuses especially on demographic change at the local and regional level, both within Australia and overseas and encompasses theory, methodology and empirical analysis.Research interests focus particularly on population mobility, internal migration and the development of demographic forecasting models.

The┬áCentre has a collaborative Research Agreement with the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office (QGSO). The two organisations collaborate on a range of demographic research projects, particularly in the field of demographic forecasting.

The specific objectives of the Queensland Centre for Population Research are to:

  • provide a focus for pure and applied research on population-related issues, particularly those relating to Queensland, but also encompassing wider issues of national and international significance
  • develop and enhance the provision of training in demographic methods and the analysis of population-related issues
  • promote and advance understanding of population dynamics, their origins, processes and implications throughout academia, government, and the community
  • provide a focus for population-related research at the University of Queensland, with links across a number of faculties and areas of related interest.

The ultimate goal is to establish the Centre as a nationally and internationally recognised leader in population-related research and teaching.