Internal and International migration


This theme is concerned with the analysis of human spatial mobility at a variety of temporal and spatial scales. Research under this theme draws on a wide range of analytical tools to explore how the intensity, spatial patterns and drivers of migration vary across space and time and develops innovative methods for migration analysis. Research under this theme is fundamentally concerned with understanding interactions between different types of mobility across the continuum of space and time: from local residential moves to international migration and from temporary to permanent migration.

  • Analysis of the trends, patterns and drivers of internal migration in Australia
  • Cross-national comparisons of internal migration among UN member states
  • Analysis of temporary population mobility in Australia and internationally
  • Establish long-term internal migration trends and explain the demographic mechanisms underpinning them
  • Exploration of the nexus between environmental change and mobility and outcomes
  • Analysis of the role international migration in shaping urban space
  • Investigates the role of Global Cities as multicultural spaces and ‘stepping stones’ for new migrants


Flagship Projects

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